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Leasing Options

Female alpacas waiting for leasing opportunities at Aargau Alpacas farm


Have you ever thought about owning an alpaca but didn't know if alpacas were the right livestock for you or you didn't have the property to own the alpacas? With the Alpenwood Alpacas Lease program  you have a relatively inexpensive way to obtain your alpacas without having to buy them outright and have the long term responsibilities for that animal.  It is also ideally suited for someone who would like to interject another line (genetically) into their breeding program without needing to buy that line into their herd.


This lease is for the term of the alpaca's pregnancy.  The alpaca is boarded at Alpenwood Alpacas Farm for the duration of the lease.  At the end of the lease you will own the cria from the alpaca that you leased.  You will then have the opportunity to decide if you would like to continue the lease on the alpaca, purchase the dam (all payments made towards the lease will count towards the purchase price), start a lease on another alpaca or discontinue leasing.  No matter your choice, you still own the cria from your lease.


The lease will be from the time we sign the contract until 30 days after the cria is born (typically 12 -13 months).  All open or bred female alpacas are available for this lease once they are 18 months or older.

What are the risks?
As with all livestock purchases you assume some risk.  You do not know what color the cria will be (there is no way to know beforehand even knowing the dam and sires colors).  You do not know what the sex will be (technically 50% of cria are females & 50% are male).  You do not know how fine the fiber will be or if the cria will be healthy or even survive.  You assume the risk and there is no guarantee that all will turn out how you want it, but it might.


Leasing fees are $3.50 per day for alpaca board which includes hay, feed, basic health needs (toenail trimming, deworming when needed and other regular needs).


Ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy are $75. This can be done a second time to reconfirm pregnancy.


Breeding fees:  if you wish to use one of our herdsires the breeding fee will be reduced to $500.  We can also work with you to find a herdsire in the area and arrange logistics.  You will pay the breeding fee and any other fees at that farm. Any vet fees accrued due to transportation or breeding will also be paid by you.


Shearing:  you will pay for the cost of shearing your alpaca. This would be around $30 - 40.  


Veterinarian fees: if there are any medical issues you will cover these costs


Birthing:  you will pay for any costs associated with the birthing of your cria.  This will include all veterinarian fees, lab fees and any other fees associated with the birth


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