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Come and Experience the Good Life!

One happy alpaca living at Aargau Alpacas Farm

Come and experience the lifestyle alpacas offer.  They are friendly, beautiful and produce some of the finest fiber in the world. Give us a

call today and schedule a visit.


(651) 334-3836

Alpenwood Alpacas Farm resides on the beautiful Southern Minnesota prairies, on a piece of land that-famously-used to be wide open cornfields. Hans Trechsel, a Swiss native who moved to the area over 50 years ago, planted hundreds of trees on this land. These trees stand strong and proud to this day. His dream to recreate the Alpine woodlands he so loved as a young boy, for himself and for his family and community to enjoy. His daughter, Laurie Trechsel, established Alpenwood Alpacas Farm to honor the legacy of this place, its people and all of its creation great and small.


Alpenwood Alpacas mission is provide the highest quality fleeces to the small but enthusiastically growing North American alpaca-goods market. We cooperate with other farmers, fleece processors and knitters to produce absolutely gorgeous and uniquely functional garments, yarns, felting and spinning supplies. Alpaca fleece products are as beautiful as they are durable and ecologically sustainable. We are so proud to be a part of this community.

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